It’s no longer just an island in Greece; it’s an app too: find your Aphrodite or Adonis on Lipsi. Here your personality compensates for your anonymity. This is the place to showcase your ability to banter and relate. Its unique format creates a few etiquette considerations. Be yourself without compromising yourself; follow these Lipsi tips!

Lipsi what happens

Don’t ask someone to reveal his or her identity, and resist the urge to creep the person you are talking to. Instead try to judge how well you get along with someone, without biases. Beauty fades, personality is forever. Keep that in mind when using this app.

Watch your loose Lipsi

When messaging an anonymous user, be careful what you post. Only send messages you would want an acquaintance to read until you know and trust the recipient. Anyone could search you by name, including that coworker who is out to embarrass you.

Wait and Lipsi

People use social media at different paces. While you may be impatiently waiting for a reply, the other user could find it perfectly normal to check in only sporadically. Follow the 2-week rule; if the conversation has not migrated to another platform within 2 weeks, you can abandon it if you’re not having fun.

Lipsi you later

Do not assume that the person chatting with you has the same interests or intentions. Enjoy yourself and don’t hold it against anyone if they have different plans. Any conversation can be ended with a goodbye, or a block if that’s what they deserve.