Cocktail napkins are a safe and practical host gift

Cocktail napkins are a safe and practical host gift

A gift will give your host a lift. Before you are entertained, show your gratitude with a small token of appreciation. Here are some great ideas.

Food: Unless asked to bring a specific item, it is best not to bring hot food as it may clash with what the host prepared. If there is a dish you really want to share, ask ahead of time. Snacks, baskets, and desserts are welcome, but don’t be offended if the recipient decides to enjoy them later.

Home accents: These are the best choice for housewarming themed parties, but be especially mindful. If you aren’t familiar with the host’s decorating style, pick a safe gift such as an unscented candle, a coffee table book, cocktail napkins, or a low-key picture frame.

Wine: For those who don’t know the host very well, this is a safe and predictable gift. Note that he or she may have already selected wines for the evening and might drink yours some other time.

Flowers: Dinner party hosts already have a lot on their plate, so spare them the trouble of arranging flowers. If you choose to bring any plants, make sure they are already watered and in a vase ready to be displayed.

Re-gifting: It’s the thought that counts, therefore re-gifting is totally acceptable as long as it is a gift your host will like. Add a personal touch by re-wrapping it or adding a card.


With gifts like these all will be delighted, and to many more parties you’ll be invited!