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It’s great to see others that are taking manners and etiquette into the real world, with real situations. It’s one thing to talk about etiquette but another thing to show how you can use it in your life with proof. Konrad is a great source for information!
— Richie Frieman, Modern Manners Guy,

Seeking an etiquette expert for today's generation?

In an ever competitive world where soft skills account for 85% of business success*, why wouldn’t one want to learn how a proper handshake? While a business student at a leading university, Konrad was surrounded by talented and ambitious youth who were spending years studying for their dream job. At the same time, their networking experiences and job interviews inspired them to tell many stories about “that awkward moment when…”

Konrad knew that brushing up on etiquette could make career advancement easier and social interactions less awkward. After hearing enough of their stories, he had found his calling.

In 2011, Konrad started his training business Not Awkward Anymore Etiquette. He quickly became a local authority on etiquette for youth, writing for campus newspapers and hosting etiquette workshops at his alma mater, the Sauder School of Business at the University of British Columbia. His energetic coaching and media commentary led to him being known as North America’s Youngest Etiquette Expert.

After winning the Protocol School of Washington’s National Business Etiquette Week 2016, Konrad was invited to attend the foremost and only nationally accredited institute of protocol and etiquette. He is now trained and licensed to deliver a current, industry leading curriculum approved by the Protocol School of Washington®.

As an “etiquette personality”, Konrad delivers his advice (always solicited!), in a uniquely engaging way. He draws from his professional experience in politics and in banking, where he often finds himself being the youngest in the room. His customized presentations are ideal for students, emerging professionals, and new hires. He is based in Vancouver, BC.

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* Goleman, D. (2005). Emotional intelligence (10th anniversary trade pbk. ed.).